Cast steel three-piece ZK1 bogie

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The ZK1 type bogie is composed of wheel sets, tapered roller bearings, adapters, octagonal rubber shear pads, side frames, swing pillows, load-bearing springs, vibration damping springs, diagonal wedges, double acting constant contact roller side bearings, elastic cross support devices, basic braking devices, and other main components.

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The ZK1 type bogie belongs to a cast steel three piece bogie with variable friction damping device. An octagonal rubber shear pad is added between the adapter and the side frame, which utilizes longitudinal and transverse shear deformation characteristics and upper and lower positioning structures to achieve elastic positioning of the wheel set. When the vehicle passes through a small radius curve, the lateral force of the wheel rail can be reduced, thereby reducing wheel edge wear; A side frame elastic cross support device is installed along the horizontal plane between the two side frames, with four elastic nodes connected in a rectangular shape, limiting the diamond deformation between the two side frames that have a negative impact on performance during operation, achieving the goal of improving the anti diamond stiffness of the bogie. After testing on the test bench, it has been confirmed that the anti diamond stiffness is 4-5 times higher than traditional three piece bogies. Application and dynamic tests have also confirmed this improvement.

The running speed of the bogie plays a crucial role; The double action constant contact roller side bearing is adopted. Under the pre compression force of the rubber side bearing, the friction between the upper and lower side bearing friction surfaces is generated. The direction of the Friction torque generated by the left and right side bearings is opposite to the rotation direction of the bogie relative to the car body, so as to achieve the purpose of restraining the hunting motion of the bogie; The central secondary suspension adopts a two-stage stiffness spring device that compresses the outer circular spring first, improving the static deflection of the empty car spring; essence.

The structure and parameters of the inclined wedge variable friction vibration damping device have been designed, and wear-resistant materials have been used to improve the service life of the vibration damping device; The basic braking device adopts freight components and standard components, which are convenient for use and maintenance.

The above measures have played a good role in improving the operating speed of 、the safety and stability of the wagon.

Main technical parameters


1000mm/1067mm / 1435mm/1600mm

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Maximum running speed:


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