Self-steering bogie

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The self steering bogie of railway freight cars is an important device used to control the turning of the wheels of trains when traveling on curved tracks. It consists of a bolster, side frame, wheel set, bearings, shock absorption device, and basic braking device.

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The bogie subframe is the main supporting structure of the self steering bogie, made of high-strength steel to ensure the stability and safety of the train during operation. Wheel sets are key components of a bogie, consisting of wheels and bearings. The wheels are connected to the subframe through a load-bearing saddle, and the subframe is connected through a cross support device, which can rotate freely in the opposite direction along the track. The turning of the wheels determines the path and turning radius of the train when traveling on curved tracks. The subframe enables the wheel set to be fixed in a certain position and adjusts the axis with the rotation of the bogie to meet the requirements of curved tracks.

Side bearing is a device used to reduce lateral deviation of trains. It counteracts the lateral force of the train on curved tracks by providing a reaction force of lateral force, reducing lateral sway, and thereby improving driving stability and safety.

The subframe is a steering control device in a bogie, used to rotate the wheel set to achieve turning. It is usually mechanically transmitted and can control the steering mechanism to achieve fast and accurate steering adjustment.

The self steering bogie of railway freight cars plays a crucial role in maintaining stability while driving on curved tracks and reducing wear and tear on the rails and vehicles. Its design and performance have a significant impact on the safety, stability, and transportation efficiency of trains.

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1000mm/1067mm / 1435mm

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