Wheel set with strong bearing capacity and good wear resistance

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The wheelsets of railway wagon are composed of wheels, axles and bearings. We can produce various types of wheel sets that meet TB/T 1718,TB/T 1463,AAR GII,UIC 813,EN 13260,BS 5892-6,AS 7517, and other standards.

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Wheels are an important part of carrying wagon weight and transmitting traction, and have the characteristics of strong bearing capacity and good wear resistance. The axle is the main component that connects the wheels, carries the weight of the wagon and transmits traction. Wheel axles are usually made of high-strength steel for good strength and durability. Bearings are a critical part of the connection between the wheel and the axle, allowing the wheel to move smoothly on the axle and supporting the weight and traction of the wagon. Bearings usually use rolling bearings, which consist of inner rings, rolling elements and outer rings. The inner ring is fixed on the axle, the outer ring is fixed in the adapter, and the rolling elements are located between the inner ring and the outer ring, so that the wheel can rotate freely. During use, the wheel set needs to be maintained and inspected frequently, and the severely worn axles and wheels should be replaced in time to ensure the safe operation of the wagon. In short, the wheelset of a railway freight car is composed of wheels, axles and bearings, which together carry and transmit the weight and traction of the wagon, and are an important part of the normal operation of a railway freight car. Keeping the wheelset in good condition and timely maintenance can ensure the safe operation and long service life of the wagon.

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