Advanced Rail Vehicle Axles: Ensuring Durability and Safety

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Axles are important components used in railway vehicles, We supply various railway vehicle axle products that comply with AAR standards and EN standards.

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EN13261-2010 specifies the chemical composition, mechanical properties, microstructure, fatigue performance, geometric dimensional tolerances, ultrasonic testing, residual stress, and protective markings of axles made of three different materials and processes: EA1N, EA1T, and EA4T, and provides testing methods. Among them, EA1N and EA1T have the same material composition and are carbon steel, while EA4T is alloy steel; EA1N undergoes normalizing treatment, while EA1T and EA4T undergo quenching treatment.

AARM101-2012 specifies that the axle material is carbon steel, and the axle is divided into three grades based on different heat treatment processes: F grade (secondary normalizing and tempering), G grade (quenching and tempering), and H grade (normalizing, quenching and tempering); The chemical composition, tensile properties, microstructure, heat treatment methods, flaw detection, acceptance, and marking of each grade of axle steel are specified, and the geometric dimensions and tolerances of D, E, F, G, and K type axles in the United States are given.

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At Zhuzhou Pushida Technology Co., Ltd. we specialize in supplying a wide range of high quality rail vehicle axle products that meet stringent AAR and EN standards. Axles are critical components of rail vehicles and our products are carefully crafted to provide optimum performance and reliability even under the most demanding operating conditions. Our axle products are manufactured to the strict specifications stipulated by EN13261-2010 and AARM101-2012. These standards outline chemical composition, mechanical properties, microstructure, fatigue properties, dimensional tolerances, test methods, and more. We focus on quality and precision, our axle products cover various materials and processes to meet different requirements. Axles in our rugged catalog include EA1N, EA1T and EA4T variants.  Both the EA1N and EA1T are carbon steel axles with the same material composition. However, EA1N is normalized while EA1T and EA4T are quenched. The EA4T, on the other hand, is an alloy steel axle. According to AARM101-2012, our carbon steel axles are divided into three grades: F, G, H, and each grade has a different heat treatment process. These grades – F (double normalized and tempered), G (quenched and tempered) and H (normalized, quenched and tempered) – are engineered to meet specific performance and durability requirements. Thanks to our commitment to excellence, our rail vehicle axles feature exceptional mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy and fatigue resistance. Furthermore, they undergo extensive defect testing and meet all acceptance criteria, ensuring their reliability and safety in railway operations. Trust Zhuzhou Pushida Technology Co., Ltd.  to provide you with quality rail vehicle axles that exceed industry standards to ensure the life, safety and efficiency of your rail vehicles. Contact us today to discuss your specific axle requirements and benefit from our comprehensive product range and expertise.

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