AAR M-112 and other standard springs

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We provide various springs  for locomotive, freight wagon and  mining wagon that comply with AAR M-112 and other standards.

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Railway wagon steel spring is an important wagon component, which is widely used in railway vehicles such as trains, subways and trams. It is mainly used to support and buffer the vibration and impact of the wagon to ensure the safety and comfort of the wagon during driving.

First of all, railway wagon steel springs have good elasticity and strength. It is made of high-strength steel, professionally designed and processed, with high load-bearing capacity and elastic deformation capacity. This enables the steel spring to withstand large-scale vibrations and shocks generated by the wagon while driving, and at the same time quickly return to its original shape to ensure wagon stability and ride comfort.

Second, steel springs have excellent corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance. Because vehicles are often exposed to harsh environments, such as humidity, dust, high temperature, etc., steel springs need to have excellent corrosion resistance to ensure their long service life. At the same time, during the running of the vehicle, the steel spring will be frequently affected by vibration and load, so it needs to have good fatigue resistance to ensure reliable operation for a long time. In addition, steel springs also have high working temperature and environmental adaptability. The temperature in different regions and seasons varies greatly, so steel springs need to be able to adapt to different temperature environments and maintain stable performance. At the same time, steel springs also need to be able to adapt to various road conditions and operating conditions, such as straight-line driving, curve driving, uphill and downhill, etc., to ensure the safety and stability of the vehicle’s operation.

To sum up, steel springs for railway vehicles are important components to ensure wagon safety and ride comfort. It has good elasticity and strength, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, as well as high working temperature and environmental adaptability. These characteristics make steel springs play an important supporting and buffering role in railway vehicles, ensuring the safe operation of railway traffic.

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