High quality railway wheels for locomotives, wagons and mine cars

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We provide various wheels for locomotive, freight wagon and mining wagon that comply with AAR M-107/208, EN 13262, TOCT 10791D, AS-2074 and other standards.

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The diameter of railway wheels generally has the following specifications:28 inch diameter wheels、30 inch diameter wheels、33 inch diameter wheels、26 inch diameter wheels、38 inch diameter wheels、350mm diameter wheels、630mm diameter wheels、711 mm diameter wheels、762 mm diameter wheels、838 mm diameter wheels、863mm diameter wheels、914 mm diameter wheels、920 mm diameter wheels、940 mm diameter wheels、957mm diameter wheels、965mm diameter wheels、1000mm diameter wheels、1050mm diameter wheels.

AAR standard wheels is AARM-107/208 Carbon Steel Wheels, includes L, A, B, and C categories used in intermodal transportation,One, two, and multiple wear rolling, casting of carbon steel wheels, the wheels of intermodal wagons must be heat treated and designed with low stress (non straight spoke plates). Intermodal wagons using Class B or Class C wheels must undergo rim quenching and tempering treatment.

The standards for Russian wheels include TOCT10791 “Technical Conditions for Integral Rolled Steel Wheels” and TOCT9036 “Structure dimensions of Integral Rolled Steel Wheels”, TOCT9036 contains detailed wheel drawings, tread outline dimensions, and outline sample drawings, which specify wheel dimensions and geometric tolerances. The requirements for wheel steel are specified in TOCT10791. In the newer Russian standards, it is indicated that manufacturing can be carried out according to the corresponding ISO standards.There are 957mm and 1050mm2 wheel diameters in Russia, with a rim width of 130mm and a rim thickness of 70mm and 735mm.

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We are proud to offer a wide range of railway wheels that meet the stringent requirements of industry standards such as AAR M-107/208, EN 13262, TOCT 10791D, AS-2074, and more. Whether you need wheels for locomotives, trucks or mining vehicles, our comprehensive selection can meet your needs. Our railway wheels come in various diameters including 28″, 30″, 33″, 26″, 38″, 350mm, 630mm, 711mm, 762mm, 838mm, 863mm, 914mm, 920mm, 940 mm, 957 mm, 965 mm, 1000 mm and 1050 mm. This ensures we can meet your specific needs and specifications. For customers requiring AAR standard wheels, our AAR M-107/208 carbon steel wheels are available in L, A, B and C categories for intermodal. These wheels undergo a rigorous heat treatment process and feature a low-stress design for reliability and longevity. For intermodal trucks using Class B or Class C wheels, the rims have been quenched and tempered. In addition, we offer Russian wheels that meet the standards specified by TOCT10791 and TOCT9036. These wheels are one-piece rolled steel and have exact dimensional specifications outlined in TOCT9036.  The requirements for wheel steel are specified in TOCT10791. It complies with the latest Russian standards and can be manufactured according to the corresponding ISO standards. Trust our high-quality railroad wheels to provide superior performance, durability and safety for your locomotives, wagons and mine cars. Choose our reliable products to ensure smooth and efficient railway operations.

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