Railway wagon Welded frame type bogie

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The integral welded frame bogie with axle box suspension for railway freight cars is a steering device specifically designed for railway freight cars. It adopts a welded structure design that fully integrates the traditional bolster and side frame, forming a rigid and stable whole. This design method effectively reduces the number of components, improves the overall rigidity and stability, and enhances the load-bearing capacity and durability of the bogie. The overall welded frame type bogie is made of high-quality steel, which has excellent strength and corrosion resistance.

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The axle box suspension mode is adopted to effectively reduce the Unsprung mass and realize the elastic positioning of the wheel set. It can withstand various vibration and impact forces in the railway environment, and can effectively absorb and disperse these forces, provide a more stable and stable suspension experience, reduce the wheel rail wear when passing the curve, and improve the driving stability and operability of the vehicle.

In addition, the overall welded frame type bogie also has good sealing and protective performance. The welding seam at the welding connection can effectively prevent the invasion of impurities, moisture, and dust, and protect key components from damage. This design can also reduce noise and vibration, providing a quieter and more comfortable operating environment.

Overall, the railway freight car axle box suspension integral welded frame bogie has the characteristics of high strength, strong rigidity, and good durability through the structural design of integral welding. It can provide stable steering performance and comfortable suspension experience, providing reliable steering devices for railway freight cars. Especially suitable for the upgrading of railway self owned and mining cars, providing customers with a safe and comfortable operating environment, and saving users the cost of using wheels and rails.

Main technical parameters


1000mm/1067mm / 1435mm/1600mm

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