Cast steel Ride Control type bogie

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Ride control bogies are suitable for railway wagon. The structural system is a cast steel three piece bogie, which adopts a primary suspension system with pillow springs and a constant friction wedge type vibration damping device. It mainly consists of wheel sets and bearing devices, swing pillows, side frames, elastic suspension systems and vibration reduction devices, basic braking devices and side bearings, etc.

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Unlike traditional three piece bogies, this control type bogie adopts a widened control type wedge, effectively improving the anti diamond stiffness of the bogie, thereby providing the speed and stability of the bogie. Elastic connectors are added on both sides of the adapter, achieving elastic positioning of the wheel set, effectively improving the stability of the bogie’s serpentine motion, improving the longitudinal and transverse dynamic performance of the bogie, and reducing wheel rail wear. The use of long travel and frequent contact elastic side bearings increases the rotational resistance moment between the bogie and the vehicle body, improves the overall operational performance of the vehicle, and ensures safe and stable operation of the vehicle.

In order to ensure driving safety, we have adopted AAR class B+ steel in the design and manufacture of bolster and side frame. While providing structural strength of bolster and side frame, we have reduced the weight of bogie, thus reducing the Unsprung mass of bogie and improved dynamic performance of bogie.
In summary, this controlled bogie has the advantages of low noise, excellent dynamic performance, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance, effectively ensuring customer needs.

Main technical parameters


914mm/1000mm/1067mm / 1435mm/1600mm

Axle load:


Maximum running speed:


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