AAR standard High friction Brake shoe

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AAR H4 high friction synthetic brake shoes that comply with AAR standards.

Manufacturing various brake shoes according to user drawings.

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High-grind synthetic brake shoe is an important brake part for railway wagons, its function is to realize the braking function of the vehicle through the resistance generated by friction. The high-grinding synthetic brake shoe will be introduced in detail below. High wear synthetic brake shoes are usually made of composite materials, including a metal matrix and friction material. The metal base is usually manufactured from high-strength steel to ensure the durability and reliability of the brake shoe. The friction material is a synthetic material with high wear resistance and high temperature resistance, such as poly non-metallic material or other high temperature materials. The high-abrasion synthetic brake shoe has good friction and wear properties, and can maintain low brake wear under high-speed driving and heavy load conditions. It has a high friction coefficient, can generate sufficient braking force, and maintains stable braking performance. At the same time, the high-grind synthetic brake shoe has low noise and vibration, and can provide a comfortable and smooth braking effect. In practical applications, high-wear synthetic brake shoes require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure their normal operation and reliability. If the surface of the brake shoe is found to be severely worn or loose, it needs to be replaced in time to ensure the braking effect and driving safety.

In a word, the high grinding synthetic brake shoe is an indispensable and important part in the braking system of railway freight cars. It has excellent wear resistance and friction performance, and can provide stable and reliable braking effect. It plays a vital role in the safe driving and normal operation of railway wagons.

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