Railway car couplers draft gears

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Freight wagon Draft Gear MT-2, MT-3

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Model # MT-2 MT-3
Impedance force ≤2.27MN ≤2.0MN
Rated Capacity ≥50KJ ≥45KJ
Travel 83mm 83mm
Absorptivity ≥80% ≥80%
Limit for the use Suitable for train formations greater than 5000 tons,Total vehicle weight greater than 80 tons. Suitable for train formations of less than 5000 tons,Total vehicle weight of less than 80 tons.
Both are applicable to AAR E and AAR F type coupler systems.
Measure up Standard TB/T 2915

A railroad car coupler draft gear is a critical device that connects railcars and cushions impact forces between the cars. The following is a brief introduction to this buffer: A railway car coupler draft gear usually consists of a spring, a shock absorber and an energy absorbing element. They are designed to dampen shock and vibration during vehicle operation while transferring traction between vehicles. The springs in the shock absorbers absorb and disperse impact forces. They can be selected according to specific application needs to ensure sufficient elasticity and stability during transportation. The shock absorber is an important part of the buffer, which is used to reduce the shock and vibration generated by the vehicle during driving. They usually use hydraulic principles to provide stable shock absorption by controlling and regulating the flow of fluid. Energy absorbing elements are designed for better impact mitigation. They can be made of rubber or other materials that absorb and disperse energy in the event of a collision or impact, keeping the vehicle and its passengers safe. The mounting location for a railway vehicle coupler buffer is usually on a connecting part of the vehicle, such as the coupler or the connecting frame. Its function is to provide a cushioned connection point between vehicles in order to reduce shock and vibration.

In summary, a railway car coupler draft gear provides a stable connection and shock mitigation through a combination of springs, shock absorbers and energy absorbing elements. They play an important role in railway transportation, protecting the safety of vehicles and passengers, and improving the comfort and reliability of railway transportation.

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