Coupler System AAR M-215 standards

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E, E/F, F type Coupler System that comply with AAR M-215 standards.

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Coupler cushioning system that complies with AAR (Association of American Railroads) standards is an important device for connecting and cushioning impact between cars. The system consists of couplers, draft gear and yokes. First of all, the coupler is a key component to connect the vehicle. It is made of high-strength alloy steel, which has high strength and load-bearing capacity after precise processing and heat treatment. The coupler meets the requirements of the AAR standard, and can firmly connect the vehicle during traction, braking and connection, ensuring the stability and safety of the train.

Second, the shock absorber is a key device for shock absorption between vehicles. The buffer can effectively absorb and disperse the impact force between vehicles through its internal buffer device. According to the AAR standard, the buffer needs to have a large buffer capacity and quick recovery ability to ensure the smoothness and comfort of the train in operation.

Finally, the yoke is what is used to attach and hang the draft gear. The yokes are made of high-strength steel to withstand the weight and impact of the bumper. The design of the yoke must meet the requirements of the AAR standard to ensure that it is tightly and reliably connected to the coupler and buffer, and prevent loosening or falling off during operation.

To sum up, the railway vehicle coupler buffer system conforming to the AAR standard is an important part to ensure the safety and stability of railway traffic. It is composed of components such as couplers, draft gear and yokes, which can effectively connect and buffer the impact force between vehicles. All these components need to meet the requirements of the AAR standard to ensure the reliability and safety of the system in vehicle operation.

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