Aar-compliant coupler body: rail vehicle connection

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Available as Coupler Body Only or Completely Assembled Fits
Made from AAR M-201 Grade E Steel

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Type AAR E AAR E/F AAR F Rotary – F
Model # SBE60EE SBE68DE F70DE FR209E
Shank Length 21.5″ 31″ 17.25″ 17.125″
Shelf Configuration Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom

The coupler coupler body of a railway vehicle is a device that connects different vehicles and provides buffering and power transmission. The coupler coupler body conforming to the AAR (American Association of Railroads) standard has high strength and reliability.

First of all, the coupler body is made of high-quality alloy steel material, which undergoes strict heat treatment and machining to provide excellent strength and durability. It can withstand the impact and tension between trains, ensure a firm connection, not easy to fall off, and provide stable force transmission and buffering between vehicles.

Secondly, the coupler body structure design meets the geometric parameters required by the AAR standard to ensure precise connection between adjacent vehicles. It includes a large ring interface to connect the coupler and lifting lug and ensure the reliability of the connection. Additionally, the coupler body includes a groove or land for receiving and mounting the bumper.

Finally, the coupler body attachment usually consists of screws and pins to ensure a secure connection. These connections meet the requirements of AAR standards and ensure that they will not loosen or break during train operation.

All in all, AAR-compliant rail car coupler bodies feature high-strength materials, accurate geometry and reliable coupling. It can stably connect railway vehicles, and provide the functions of buffering and power transmission to ensure the safety and stability of train operation.

our advantages

Our AAR compliant coupler bodies are designed to connect different railway vehicles with high strength and reliability. Made from AAR M-201 Grade E Steel, these coupler bodies undergo strict heat treatment and machining to ensure excellent durability and strength. They are capable of withstanding the impact and tension between trains, providing a firm and secure connection that is resistant to detachment.The precision-engineered structure of our coupler bodies adheres to the geometric parameters specified by the AAR standard. This ensures a precise and reliable connection between adjacent vehicles. The large ring interface connects the coupler and lifting lug, ensuring a robust and dependable coupling. Additionally, the coupler body features a specially designed groove or land to receive and mount the bumper.To guarantee a secure connection, the coupler body attachments consist of high-quality screws and pins that meet the stringent requirements of AAR standards. These attachments are designed to prevent loosening or breaking during train operation, ensuring the safety and stability of the entire system.With their high-strength materials, precise geometry, and reliable coupling, our AAR compliant coupler bodies are the perfect solution for seamless train connections. They offer dependable buffering and power transmission, ensuring safe and efficient train operations.

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