AAR, AS, EN standard brake hose

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We can provide various brake hose compositions that meet AAR, AS, EN standards, with main models including FP3, FP5, T-7, etc

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The air braking system of railway vehicles is an important part of vehicle braking to ensure the safety of vehicles. The brake hose connector plays an important role in connecting various components of the air brake system. Brake hose fittings usually consist of two parts, metal and rubber. The metal part is usually made of high-quality stainless steel, which has high corrosion resistance and temperature resistance, and can withstand large pressure and impact. The rubber part is made of high-strength rubber material, which has good sealing performance and wear resistance, and can prevent gas leakage and external pollutants from entering. Brake hose joints are generally connected by joint thread to ensure a firm and reliable connection. The joint thread generally adopts the national standard thread. When installing the brake hose joint, it is necessary to use a special wrench to tighten it to ensure the seal between the joint and the connecting parts to prevent air leakage. Brake hose connectors are also designed for easy installation and removal, simplifying repair and replacement. The design of the internal channel of the joint is also very important to ensure that the air can flow smoothly to achieve fast and accurate braking effect.

In addition, in order to enhance the durability and safety of the brake hose joints, the joints are usually surface-treated, such as galvanized, chrome-plated or sprayed with rubber materials, to prevent the joints from rusting and corrosion.

In a word, the brake hose joint at the end of the air brake of the railway vehicle has the characteristics of good sealing performance, strong temperature resistance, and easy installation. It is a key component to ensure the normal operation of the air brake system of railway vehicles, and plays an important role in the safety of vehicles.

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