The 16th China International Modern Railway Technology and Equipment Exhibition: Beijing’s Heat Attack in November

Because of the same passion, we have traveled thousands of miles to attend the appointment – we are pleased to announce that the 16th China International Modern Railway Technology and Equipment Exhibition (MODERN RAILWAYS 2023, hereinafter referred to as the “Railway Exhibition”) will officially be held from November 14 to 16, 2023 at the China International Exhibition Center (Chaoyang Hall) in Beijing, China!
After 30 years of development and growth, MODERN RAILWAYS has followed the footsteps of history, step by step reaching new heights, becoming a well-known exhibition brand in the railway industry with international influence. It is also the preferred exhibition for international exhibitors in China and a must-have exhibition for domestic exhibitors.
Since the departure of the previous exhibition, the organizing committee has been actively preparing for the 2023 Railway Exhibition, and the pace has never stopped. This exhibition has undergone comprehensive quality upgrades from multiple perspectives, including exhibition area planning, exhibition format, exhibition content, audience invitation, event organization, promotion, product promotion, and manufacturer docking. The exhibition will be displayed in railway professional zones, with seven major professional sections: locomotive and rolling stock, engineering/infrastructure, communication signal, intelligence/informatization, energy conservation and environmental protection, maintenance and repair, and safety assurance. The exhibits cover the latest technologies and products throughout the entire railway industry chain.
Highlight 1: Establish the achievement exhibition area of China Railway Group and the operation exhibition area of the Railway Bureau, highlighting the development achievements of China Railway in recent years.
Highlight 2: Carry out various forms of technical exchange and business docking activities, promote the supply and demand docking and transformation application of advanced achievements.
Highlight 3: Hold new product launches, promote new products and technologies in a centralized manner, focus industry media coverage, and increase the exposure of enterprise products.
The characteristic exhibition area of China Railway Group and Railway Bureau has received widespread attention from various government departments, rail transit industry associations, local industry groups, industry enterprises, and other aspects. All parties have high expectations for this railway exhibition and have included the key work of exhibition, communication, and promotion plans at the 2023 railway exhibition in the agenda for this year. The exhibition will comprehensively implement the policy requirements of industrial integration, seek the “breakthrough” development of the railway industry, explore the possibility of “railway+”, and thus explore new growth engines for the railway and rail transit industry.
Since the comprehensive launch of this exhibition’s recruitment work, the enthusiasm of exhibitors to register has always remained high. As of the end of September, the predetermined area has exceeded 30000 square meters, showing a significant acceleration compared to the same period of the previous year. CRRC, China Railway Corporation, Huawei, ZTE, Siemens, Alstom, Knorr, Westinghouse, Fossino, Voith, Hollyssey, Krupp, Delken, Hitachi, Franchise, Golden Eagle Heavy Industry, Ruili Tai Railway, Visca, Boliga, Witten, Lingda Electromechanical, Schmidt, ZF, Lime Electronics, Guangha Communications, Specit, Norris Sibo, Longda Sega, ZTE, Jinshengyang Technology Shisheng Machinery, Shuntong Electromechanical, Baibang International, Bonales, Haite Measurement and Control, Anfeno Precision, Chenyu Industry, Huxiao Electric, Dali Technology, Liade Optoelectronics, Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Paiguang Intelligence, Zhongke Controllable, Gaoyi Industrial Machinery, Weijin, Huxiao, Dingqiao Communication, Fengchi Software, Zhiqi Railway, Niles Simmons Hegenset, Xingchuanglian More than 300 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises including Huasheng Zhongtian have settled in (regardless of ranking).
Behind the above data, it reflects the industry’s deep recognition of the value of the railway exhibition platform. As a grand event carrying the future development trend of the railway industry, MODERN RAILWAYS 2023 focuses on the distribution effect, does not forget its original intention, and continuously optimizes various services of the exhibition based on the needs of all parties. We hope to provide more valuable communication platforms for exhibitors, visitors, and partners from all walks of life, and help exhibitors and visitors efficiently obtain more opportunities to communicate and negotiate with enterprises in the same field and upstream and downstream. At that time, all members of the railway industry will be present to exchange the latest development trends, share the latest technological products, achieve effective supply and demand docking, improve cooperation success rates, and inject new impetus into the development of railways in China and the world!
In terms of creating a conference activity matrix for the exhibition, the 2023 Railway Exhibition will also live up to industry expectations:
China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., International Union of Railways (UIC), China Railway Society, China Railway Engineering Construction Association, Railway BIM Alliance, China Academy of Railway Sciences Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Economic Planning and Research Institute Co., Ltd. and other institutions will focus on the economic and social development situation, focusing on the development hotspots and key issues of the railway industry, and hold multiple high-level and diversified forums and technical exchange meetings, Invite domestic and foreign railway authorities, renowned scholars, and think tank experts to freely discuss cutting-edge perspectives, share insights, and collaborate on the future development of railways, further enhancing the international influence of the exhibition!

Post time: Nov-10-2023